Seminars & Workshops

“YWAM’s training schools for pioneer church planting (School Of Frontier Missions, etc.) provide a good introduction to the work of reaching the unreached, but ongoing and timely field-based training is essential. We must help one another continue to grow in the Lord and in ministry skills. Church Planting Coaches trains church planters through both pre-field training in schools and church planting seminars, and through the regional coaches themselves, as they meet with team leaders on the ground. Following are some of the Seminars and Workshops offered by CP Coaches.” — CPC Int’l Coordinators

Multiplying Churches among the Unreached

The main frontier missions church planting training for YWAM’s cross-cultural church planters. This seminar/workshop/experience is offered around the world, primarily in Schools of Frontier Mission (SOFM) and in the FM-DTS. The normal length is two weeks / 30 hours, and includes the “Temporary Training House Church,” “Underground Church Simulation,” role-plays, multimedia, interactive teaching, handouts, PowerPoint, small group discussion, and so much more.

Perspectives on the World Christian Movement

Perspectives on the World Christian Movement is a dynamic course where you’ll discover what God is doing around the world and consider your part in His purposes.

Perspectives will help you understand God’s plan for our world—and for your life—as you explore the following topics:

* Biblical – God’s unchanging purpose for the nations

* Historical – Expansion and pioneers of the Christian Movement

* Strategic – What are “unreached people groups” and why are they so important to complete God’s eternal purpose?

* Cultural – The Gospel and cross-cultural communication

Perspectives is offered throughout the year at extension sites around the world. Over 50,000 people have taken this course in North America alone, with over 12,000 alumni in New Zealand, Australia, the Philippines, and other countries. Perspectives is also available in Spanish and Korean, and other translations are in progress.

Undergraduate and graduate credit is available. Perspectives is also offered online and by correspondence. In addition, over 100 schools use the Perspectives Reader in their missions courses (over 120,000 in print).

With over 600 instructors and more than 150 locations annually, over 6000 people are exposed to some of the most innovative missions minds each year. Perspectives is taught by professors, missionaries, & teachers who have seen God at work all over the world. Instructors include people like Don Richardson (missionary to the Sawi people and author of Peace Child), David Bryant (author of In the Gap, former mission specialist for InterVarsity, now Chairman of Concerts of Prayer International), Ralph Winter (missionary to Guatemala and visionary founder of the USCWM), and all of YWAM Church Planting Coaches’ International Coordinators.