Keys to Church Planting Movements

The Adventures of Stephanas:
First-Century Disciple

By Kevin Sutter, Illustrated by Sean Sutter


Here is a much–needed spiritual “tune–up” for church planters! Several good books on church planting have appeared in the last few years with much of the same material as older books, having given only new order and names to old concepts. But Sutter’s Keys to Church Planting Movements adds refreshingly new insights to proven procedures:

  • He clarifies universally applicable guidelines, avoiding a ‘universal formula’ for all cultures.
  • He uses words that ordinary mortals understand, avoiding missions jargon and code words.
  • He integrates both sources of divine guidance to multiply God’s flocks, relying on the Holy Spirit and on God’s Word.
  • He warns of common pitfalls for church planters, evangelists and new church leaders without being negative.
  • He leaves options open to start different kinds of churches for fields with different needs and expectations.
  • His advice reaches both heaven and earth, linking Christ’s authority to practical, easy–to–do guidelines for field workers.
  • His guidelines do not require large budgets nor advanced academic degrees.
  • He covers all essential bases from preparing church planters to training new church leaders who develop the ministries that the New Testament requires.
  • He does not add man–made rules to biblical requirements for leaders, churches or baptism and etc.

I have worked with the author in a church planting project and co–taught with him to train leaders. He is one of the most caring, spontaneous and simply fun persons that I know, and his book reflects these qualities. Read it, heed it, and be blessed!

–George Patterson