Sim Training

“The “Come, Let Us Disciple the Nations” CD-ROM is one of the best training resources we’ve come across in long time. Gen-Xer’s like the simulation learning approach and the fact that it goes right in to their computers — easier to deal with than a thick set of notes to travel with, especially when going to more security sensitive areas. Teams in the field are using it to train new members and get everyone working together with the same principles. You could pay hundreds of dollars to get the same training. Listen to what one CP Team leader in a restricted country says:

“16 interns have now completed the “Come, Let Us Disciple the Nations” CD, turning in weekly assignments to me and then meeting together to discuss what we have learned each week. I think you’ve hit on a dynamic tool here. The training was excellent. These 16 interns have now formed their own “training house church” so that they learn how to be “the church” they will likely plant overseas in the Unreached world. Your CD offered them the hands-on training they lacked. Thanks for your service to the Body of Christ.”

“Come, Let Us Disciple the Nations” 


Developed by Dr.George Patterson and Dr.Galen Currah

This CD-ROM is an interactive e-textbook to help Christians plant edifying, multiplying churches and cells in the same, distant, and hostile cultures. It is the product of over 10 years of planning, preparation and prayer. The content is based on sound learning theory and Dr. Patterson’s “Obedience-oriented” approach to mentoring for rapid development and church multiplication. His insights and unique approach to Biblical church planting and mentoring make this a “must experience” for anyone interested in cross-cultural ministry. The content of this e-textbook is based on New Testament principles proven on many fields and illustrated by actual events from many countries. The storyline on the CD-ROM consists of four successive levels of increasing difficulty as the reader learns how to plant reproductive churches and small groups in:

1. Same culture nearby

2. Similar culture nearby

3. Distant culture

4. Pioneer field with no churches and possible hostile culture

While the CD-ROM can be used for self-paced learning, it is most effective when used in a mentoring or coaching relationship for accountability with and experienced mentor who can provide guidance, feedback and advice in implementing the principles learned. Details on how to establish a mentoring relationship are included on the CD-ROM.


o Radical training in the form of a fast-paced novel

o Interactive – story outcome hinges on user’s choices

o Scores kept in competition with an evil adversary

o Next best approach to being on the field

o Proven principles from the Bible as used in many fields

o More than 300 graphics and sound clips

o For multiple users – password protection for each user

User requirements:

o Microsoft Windows 95 or higher (Not yet available for Macintosh)

o Works best with CPU speeds of 200 MHz and higher

o Best with 40 Megabytes free hard disk space

o Best with 32 megabytes or more of RAM

o Monitor resolution of 800×600 and 256 colors or higher

o Sound card with speakers (Optional if sound not desired)

Usage Rights:

o Purchaser (Individual or organization) may install the program on up to five computers at any one location such as at a training station

o Any number of persons may use the program on any one computer

o Backup copies may be made but copies may not be made for free distribution